P Adams Sitney

P Adams Sitney - A discussion of the relationship of cinema to memory, imagination, closed eye vision, and poetry, through the work of the prolific experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage (1933-2003).. A growing compendium of essays, features, clippings, news, press notes, videos, photo galleries, interviews, and announcements.. P. Adams Sitney is currently a Professor in the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University. He is the author of Visionary Film, the foundational, fundamental text on American avant-garde filmmaking. Asco-founder of Anthology Film Archives in New York City, Professor Sitney is an eminent critic and theorist. He is an outstanding teacher as well as scholar..

Widely regarded as the leading historian of avant-garde cinema, P. Adams Sitney (1944, Connecticut) attended Yale University. He co-founded the Anthology Film Archives in 1970 and, along with Jonas Mekas, Peter Kubelka, Ken Kelman and James Broughton, served as one of the members of the Anthology Film Archives Essential Cinema selection committee.. Written with verve and panache, it represents the culmination of P. Adams Sitney's career-long fascination with the intersection of poetry, film, and the avant-garde.. P Adams Sitney born August 9 1944 in New Haven Connecticut is a historian of American avantgarde cinema He is known as the author of Visionary Film o.

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Ein Organisationskomitee, bestehend aus Mekas, Kubelka, Adams Sitney, James Broughton und Ken Kelman trat zusammen, um eine repräsentative Auswahl von Filmkunstwerken (The Essential Cinema Repertory) zu treffen..